Golf Tournament


How Can I Help?

Program Ads

Our two major fundraising projects are the NJAS Program advertising and sponsorship of individual classes. We are offering program advertising at the following costs:
Full Page - 8 x 11" -- $500
Half Page - 7 x 5" -- $300
Quarter Page – 3.5 x 5" -- $150
Color -- $70/ color
Photos -- $10.50/ each

You also have an opportunity to advertise your Angus program by sponsoring an individual class. The class will be introduced as being sponsored by your company followed by a description of your program, a message to the juniors, announcement of an upcoming event, or other information of your choosing. The class sponsor fee is $200, which will include acknowledgment in the show program. Please contact Jim Ward at (262) 495-8654, for more information on class sponsorship.

The magnitude of hosting this show has prompted our association to initiate involvement of all Angus breeders. Our prime concern is to host a cost-effective, weeklong event for Angus juniors and families from across the nation to attend this unique breed show. With that in mind, we look forward to your support. Please contact Rick Mindemann for more information on the program advertising at (262) 593-8836 or (920) 988-5812.

Advertising not only helps support this magnificent show but also offers exposure of your business to more than 3,000 Angus enthusiasts. Click here to download forms for both the program advertising and class sponsors. Program ads and class sponsors will be limited so please return the form today to reserve your space. Thank you in advance for your support.